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We are a family run business rearing
point of lay hens in the South Shropshire Hills.

South Shropshire

Point of lay hens

Our birds are all home reared from day old chicks up to 16 weeks of age (point of lay). The chickens we produce have a strict vaccination programme to ensure the highest welfare standards are met. The hens can be collected on site by appointment or delivery can be arranged if needed.

Five Turnings Farm Family

Hi my name is Carl Price and I live and work on our family farm along side my dad David and my mum Marilyn. My partner Ffion and our children all love helping out on the farm whenever they can. They absolutely love the animals we have here especially the baby chicks.
We also have cattle and sheep on the farm so there is always something to do and never a dull moment. I absolutely love being a farmer although the work can be challenging at times the reward for living where we do and producing livestock is very satisfying and I feel very lucky indeed!

Five Turnings Farm provides

Hybrid & Pure Breed Chickens

Hybrid Chickens

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A very hardy brown bird with black tail feathers which lays brown eggs. They are a very docile breed capable of laying a lot of eggs.
A large bird which are white in colour with distinctive black markings on the neck and wings. They have an excellent temperament and lay a light brown egg.
An attractive bird with gold markings on the collar & breast with black plumage with a green sheen over the body. They are a hardy breed, quiet, and prolific brown egg layers.
A docile medium sized hen with lovely dark grey plumage with white specks running up the body towards the head. They lay a dark brown egg.
Our biggest breed of hybrid layers which range in colour from a light grey almost white to a darker smoky grey. They are a lovely quiet natured bird which lay a light brown egg.
A brown hen with white tail feathers, they are very prolific layers producing beautiful brown eggs. Extremely docile nature makes them easy to keep and handle.
Our smallest breed which has a pure white sleek body with a elegant fan tail and large red comb. They are a very hardy breed capable of producing lots of pure white eggs.
Small slight white birds with blue flecks over the body. Some have tufts on top of their heads and on the side of the face which lay a beautiful blue egg.
Similar looking to a Rhode Rock except slightly smaller in stature with dark grey legs instead of light brown. Very quiet and pleasant natured making them a joy to keep. Lovely dark brown eggs.

Home reared from day old chicks
Ready at 16 weeks of age (point of lay)
Fully vaccinated
Collection or Delivery

Pure Breed Chickens

Hover over each bird to read more information about each hen.

Braekel (or Campion) are a large bird which can come as silver or golden plumage. They are a hardy breed which lay a white egg.
A very small bantam breed with large feathers on their legs. They come in a wide range of colours and markings.
These can come as bantams or large type which are very docile in nature. They can come in buff, light and dark colour feathers.
A medium sized bird which has a white body with a very distinctive black collar on the neck as well as having feathered legs.
A light grey almost lavender bird with a tuft on top of its head which lays blue eggs.
A small bantam bird which are very quiet and docile in nature. They come in a huge variety of attractive colours and markings.
A large breed with very striking markings can come as silver pencilled, golden lace and buff coloured plumage.
A small crested breed with very distinctive tufts of feathers on their heads. They are smooth feathered which come in many different colours and markings.
The same sized as the Polish padovana but has loose feathers instead of being smooth. With its striking feathers it also comes in many colours.
Silkies are one of the most popular pure breeds with its quiet nature and silky soft fur it’s easy to see why.
A small bird with a tuft on its head and striking markings which come in black, silver spangled and gold spangled.
They have beautiful buff colour plumage all over their large bodies. This breed is extremely popular because of their striking appearance and friendly nature. They lay a medium-large light brown egg.
A large rare breed with gold plumage on the body and black around the head and neck with black tail feathers as well. Their very docile and inquisitive in nature and lay cream coloured eggs.


It depends on the breed but for the hybrids it’s usually between 18-22 weeks old as for the pure breeds it’s a little bit longer.

If they are over 16 weeks they can start having layers pellets or mash to help them have the right nutritional requirements for starting to lay.

There might be a number of factors to this being they might be becoming too old or going into malt (process of losing there feathers before growing new ones). It usually occurs when going into winter the birds drop off the egg count until the days start getting longer into spring.

Depends on the breed entirely with the hybrid birds producing close to 300 eggs a year with some over these mark. The pure breeds has a lot of variation between each breed but some will produce up to 200-250 eggs a year and some a lot less.

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